Advance PDFs Reader

Advance PDFs Reader provide you an easy way to read PDF files, you just need to connect your iphone to itunes(locate in your PC or mac), then click the application inside your phone through itunes and you can see our PDF reader in the file share box, then you can add PDF file to our PDF reader and sync, then you can read the PDF file from your iphone, please enjoy!

Key Feature:
– Providing Bookmark for each pdf files
– Easy Paging for switching pages
– Share PDF files by itunes


Advance Paintor Board( HD)

Advance Paintor Board( HD)  is a paint app for you to create your own works, you can diy your new work or edit from your photo library

key features:
-colorful brush provide you all the RGB color brush;
-photo edit, let you can edit your photo from photo library
-easy save, just by clicking a button, you can save your works

Amazing Daily Note (HD)

Amazing Daily Note (HD) is providing you an easy way to manage your daily notes, easy add and easy edit or delete. All the notes will be shown in a list with datetime, by which you can easy find your note.

Key feature:
– easy manage your notes by using a list show with datetime;
– easy add/edit/delete notes;

Please Enjoy!

An Ocean Battle Game

An Ocean Battle Game is a fishing game, a seabed, a gun, and many fish, more fish you catch you will get more score. Please Enjoy this game!

A BedTime Song Collection

A BedTime Song Collection let you have a sweet dream. For people who can not sleep in the night, these songs may help you!

key features:
-All these songs are high definition and professional quality, lossless recordings. Whether using your headphones or plugging into your home stereo system, will sound great.
-Easy use, you can scroll to different page to hear different sleep songs.
-3 types of flower, bring you an amazing experience.

Baby Math 123

Baby Math 123 is a math learning app for kids, providing different situation for kids to find the right answer. It is very good for kids to study math.

How to play?
Each time providing you a number, then if you can get the right nubmer of fruit, then you can win the game, else you lose and will start next round.

Key feature:
– cute artwork for you
– easy to understand how to play

An Awesome Weather (HD)

An Awesome Weather (HD) is ultimate desk clock and weather app in one. It show you the time and weather forecast at the same time. Its a good helper for you.

key features:
– clock: show you the real time as a clock
– weather forecast: tell you the weather situation in the next three days
– location: over 20000 location from all over the world you can choice
– Celsius&Fahrenheit: providing two types of temperature display method

Please Enjoy!